Ongoing website maintenance,
operation and supervision

Receiving the finished website is just the tip of the iceberg

You will then own the website, which can be visited by anyone who opens it from your own web address. You will also receive the passwords to access your site's control panel and web hosting space.

Many web design companies say that the work is done and everyone is happy, but that is far from the case.

If the text and images never change, your website will still be requires intermediate maintenance. Includes the security updates regularly, without them your website will not work properly after a while and will be more exposed to external attacksThey arrive randomly from anywhere in the world. It's like a smartphone that never gets updates installed.

Requires expertise

For recovery in case of problems backups preparation required..

For the operation, a hosting provider and a web address provider (domain) must be used. In the event of problems or renewal of service, these providers should be consulted and technical information will ask for.

The exercises require some knowledge of the subject. Ask yourself whether, after you have delivered your website Can you or do you want to do them fully?

Be your own webmaster!

If the answer to the first question is not a clear yes, it is recommended to seek professional help.

And that is why we are here, to take these tasks off your shoulders. While you concentrate on other aspects of your business or relax, we'll take care of your website so you don't have to deal with the jargon!

Monthly maintenance with our packages have your own webmaster at an affordable price, who keeps everything under control and is available by email, whether it's for text editing, uploading images or correcting any errors.

Their webmaster service is specifically designed for WordPress-based websites and online stores.

Gross monthly fee for the service: