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First impressions are everything

In the Internet world, this is the first impression we get from websites.

No matter how good your product or service is, if your website doesn't appeal to visitors, they will simply move on and try their luck with one of your competitors.

In our work we strive for quality, modern, mobile-friendly and customer-oriented websites, as it is in both our interests that the product you receive meets not only your needs, but also the expectations of your customers and clients.

A satisfied and happy customer is the most profitable for us,

as you will return to us in the future and recommend us to your friends and acquaintances.

However, well-informed and mutually communicative communication is essential for satisfaction.

It's important that we get to know your vision for your new website and its features, so we have designed the development process so that you can check, comment or make suggestions at any stage.

As each website is different we cannot give fixed prices, we will quote you an individual price for each request, but you can click on the button below to see our indicative prices.

About the workflow

We would like to show you the stages involved in creating a quality business website, from design to delivery. We also detail the order process and the payment dates associated with each stage.

1. Consultation

The needs assessment consultation is always free of charge. We will assess your needs and ideas in a friendly telephone conversation or email exchange.

2. Price offer

Based on the information collected, we will prepare a written quotation for you, which you will receive by email.

3. Order and advance payment

If everything is satisfactory, the work will be ordered and an invoice will be issued for 50% of the amount quoted in the tender as an advance payment.

4. View sketch

The first draft is ready in 1-2 weeks. You can view it and we will discuss the elements you would like to change.

5. Finalisation and refinements

After final settings and modifications, if you are satisfied with 100%, we will prepare your website for delivery.

6. Handover

The second half of the fee is then due. Upon receipt, your new website will be moved to its permanent location.

Although a website may reach the 100%-is completion level, in reality it is never fully completed.

Why? Think about it, if your products or services change, they will have to be changed on your website. Sometimes you need to upload 1-1 new image, change text material, so your website is constantly changing along with your business.

It is important that you get an accurate picture not only of the construction, but also of the operation and maintenance, click on the button to read more.