Bug fixes for WordPress sites,
occasional changes

Are there error messages?
Can't log in?
Can you swap some pictures or text?

Whether it's a website modification or a technical bug fix, our experienced experts are ready to help.

As part of their occasional webmaster service, we will find a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time.

We will complete the work within 24 hours of your order. In urgent cases, repairs can be requested within 12 hours.

The gross fee for the service is $69 USD.
Emergency surcharge: $39 USD.

The above amounts cover the cost of 1 man-hour, which is usually the time it takes to fix most faults. If the requested work cannot be done in 1 hour, our colleague will inform you in time. You will have the option of accepting the expected costs or cancelling the service with a full refund of the amount paid.